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Bella and 2014 cria Cali


Huacaya, Female, Proven | Medium Fawn

ARI# 30476844   D.O.B. 6/10/2006 (13 yrs)

Hemingway's Tennessee 
| ARI# 144976  | MF WH 

ST Angel 

Rock Solid Foundation Female

ST Angel

Huacaya, Female, Proven, Medium Fawn
ARI# 839995 | DOB: 10/3/2002
Are you looking for a proven female? Angel presents the qualities breeders look for in a solid production femaleā€¦.easy breeder, unassisted deliveries, and plenty of milk. You can't ask for much more, but you get more with this girl. Solid bone structure, balanced and proportional conformation, and excellent head-to-toe coverageā€¦.all of which she passes on to her cria. She stamps her cria with her size, substance, and straightness (legs and top line). Add the geneti...
| ARI# 839995  | Medium Fawn 

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PRODUCTION FEMALE TRAITS: Bella has birthed four cria and the process was right out of the text book. All phases went the way they should...labor, delivery, and post birth. Her dam was one of our strongest production females....easy breeder (settles on the first breeding), solid producer, easy births, plenty of milk.

Bella demonstrates her dams characteristics as a solid producer have been passed on to her. She immediately bonds, patient and easy with the cria's first nursing experiences, and is displaying all of the characteristics you would want in a foundation female. Bella is an easy keeper and has maintained her weight with a nursing cria at her side.

Bella has had four pregnancies and birthed four crias. Each birth was fast and easy. She is an excellent dam...attentive but not overly stressed. She has plenty of milk and her crias thrive. Her cria weights averaged 16.2 lbs.

PHENOTYPE: Bella is solid, well-balanced, with a conformationally correct frame. Her admirable fiber characteristics include density and coverage.

FIBER: Whatever Bella may lack in fineness, she makes up for in density, coverage, and handle. When bred for fineness, she produces fineness. An example, is her 2009 female Latte's Mocha Twist first year fiber stats were: AFD 16.2, SD 3.7, CV 22.7, %>30u 1. At four years old(5/2013) Mocha's states are AFD 18.8, SD 4.9, CV 25.9, SF 19.1, %>30u 2.4. Mocha's EPD results placed her:
Top 3% AFD -1.557 (#759 of 27776)
Top 3% SF -1.592 (#739 of 27776)
Top 4% %F>30 -5.501 (#1151 of 27776)

GENOTYPE: Sired by Hemingway's Tennessee (son of the legendary Peruvian Hemingway) and the great granddaughter of Peruvian Fabio and PPeruvian Demetrio, this dam carries great genetics.

BENEFITS TO YOUR BREEDING PROGRAM: Excellent foundation female breeding traits as mentioned above. Definitely a "no muss, no fuss" producer. She has great coverage and density. When bred to a male exhibiting fineness and uniformity she has produced offspring with those same characteristics.

If you are looking for a solid production female with strong inheritable maternal traits and years of production ahead of her be sure to check this girl out.

Updated 8/19/2018